Capture & Removal

Capture And Removal – A Unique Cleaning System


Created specifically by ServiceMaster to offer clients the twin benefits of increased productivity and higher standards of cleanliness in their office or commercial facilities.

As part of our commitment to going the extra mile for our clients and transforming mundane tasks into extraordinary service, ServiceMaster Clean Glasgow & South Strathclyde offers you our unique patent-pending CAPTURE AND REMOVAL CLEANING SYSTEM.

This revolutionary approach to cleaning makes use of new equipment and technology,  as well as a meticulously researched cleaning methodology, resulting in more efficient cleaning and an unexpected cost saving.

A higher quality level of service AND a cost saving?

Here are just some of the significant benefits The Capture and Removal Cleaning System can offer your business:

Measurable improvements in indoor air quality
Reduced absenteeism
Competitive market advantage
Reduced operational costs
Significant environmental benefits

What is the Capture and Removal Cleaning System?

Some dirt is more obvious than others – spilled drinks or discarded paper or other detritus is easy to spot.  Air cleanliness on the other hand is less obvious. Most of us spend the majority of our working day indoors where, according to statistics, airborne irritants are generally 2 to 5 times more common. And that’s just the start – experts estimate that as much as half of all illnesses are caused or  exacerbated by indoor air contaminants.

To achieve a healthier, more efficient working environment, it is important to pay attention to indoor air quality. At ServiceMaster Clean Glasgow & South Strathclyde, our Capture and Removal Cleaning System has been shown to remove as much as 55% more airborne contaminants than traditional cleaning methods. Fewer irritants in the air  means you not only benefit from a more pristine environment, but also reduced cleaning times because there is less dust to settle on work place furniture.

The Capture and Removal Cleaning System makes use of microfibre technology as well as the latest advances in vacuuming and cleaning equipment engineering. Not only that, our cleaning researchers have developed a highly efficient cleaning process to trap and remove dust, dirt and debris. This process is just one reason the Capture and Removal Cleaning system from ServiceMaster Clean Glasgow & South Strathclyde works so well.

Using microfibre technology for  cleaning of hard surfaces means we are able to trap & remove dust and irritants, rather than simply moving them around, as with traditional cleaning methods.

High-filtration and super quiet (69dB) vacuums used for carpets and dusting capture 99.9% of particles down to 1 micron in size and are Green Label certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute

Specially created vacuum attachments to capture additional residue from the cleaning process before becoming airborne.

ServiceMaster Clean Glasgow and South Strathclyde help make it easy for you to do your bit in making your workplace more sustainable. Just ask us for details of the Capture and Removal Cleaning or get in touch today on 0141 840 4050.