Who will be cleaning my site?

If you are a brand new premises or to the services of a cleaner then we will install a team of highly trained cleaning specialists for you. All our staff are fully trained and given constant supervision throughout the cleaning. All our staff are uniformed and will be consistent, allowing for the professional and consistent clean you deserve.

What if I am a new customer interested in your services but I really like my current cleaner?

Under Government TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings – Protection of Employment) Law we have a duty to any new customer to retain their current cleaning staff, whether they be employed by your own or another cleaning company. With our friendly management structure in place we are confident of retaining any member of staff who is hardworking and willing to help us satisfy your needs.

What if I am unhappy with my current cleaning provider and want to change the staff too?

Again under the Government TUPE Law we would have a duty to retain the current staff. We are confident that through our training schemes, management teams attention to detail and performance management program that we can improve any member of staff who wants to work with us. As we all are aware it is often poor management and guidance that can lead to under achievement, which is why at ServiceMaster we are able to retain and develop so many cleaning staff.

Are your staff fully CRB checked?

Every member of staff goes through an interview process before they can join our team. Unless the job requires we do not carry out a CRB check, however in every job that necessitates this is standard procedure.

Are your staff Uniformed?

Yes. All of our staff at ServiceMaster Glasgow are uniformed and this is regularly monitored. We feel this enhances our brand image, whilst providing a sense of security for the clients and staff on site.