Office Cleaning

First impressions count. Whether this be for your prospective clients, current clients or employees. Having an office that feels ‘lived in’ can have a serious impact on the message you are sending to all stakeholders in your business. If you can’t take keep your own house in order, what does that say about the commitment or care given to your own customers?

Understanding that this is a challenge is one thing – but having a guaranteed resolution and answer to protect and enhance your reputation is another matter altogether.

We understand how important perception is. That is why all our staff are uniformed, why all our staff are fully trained using the latest equipment and why we consistently audit all of our work.

Reliable, fully managed office cleaning taking away all of hassle of office cleaning, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on what it is you do best.

Then if you do wish to have a discussion around any additions to your service or have any accidents that need fixing or any unknown unknowns we are always on call and always local.

It is what we do and we would love to be there for you too.

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Healthcare Cleaning

Cleanliness in healthcare establishments is of paramount importance. ServiceMaster Glasgow & South Strathclyde works for a wide range of healthcare practices, including doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries,  as well as private clinics.  The experience we have gathered through this has allowed us to be a trusted and reliable partner to healthcare professionals.

In  healthcare facilities it goes without saying that  good hygiene is essential. Using the latest colour-coded cleaning system, ServiceMaster Glasgow & South Strathclyde can clean your waiting rooms, reception area, theatres, administration areas and even your kitchen, safely and effectively.

Our colour-coded cleaning system is used rigorously in all our cleaning sites and ensures your facility will never experience any cross-contamination caused by using the same buckets, clothes and mops in different areas. It is a simple & effective methodology that delivers results and is a perfect example of the attention to detail we deliver to all our customers.

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